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    Application and Solution

    Device Name:Power Factor Correction(PFC)   
    Functions:Power Factor Correction(PFC) is the power supply input, the input voltage 220V 50Hz, the output voltage 380-460V, to Ground assembly Electric (GA-E) to provide DC power supply, PFC efficiency > 98%;

    Device Name:Ground assembly Electric (GA-E)    
    Functions:Ground assembly Electric (GA-E) is connected to PFC , change the 380-450 DC voltage into 85kHz high-frequency AC power to Ground assembly resonator(GA-R), which is transmitted to Vehicle assembly system (VA) and charge the battery. There is TMN function in the GA-E, which can

    Device Name:Ground assembly resonator (GA-R)    
    Functions:Ground assembly resonator (GA-R) is the wireless power transmitter. The working frequency is 85kHz , provides a variety of safety monitoring functions. FOD (foreign object detection), LOD (live object detection) and PD(position detection) keep the stable working environment and charging safety.

    Device Name:Vehicle assembly resonator (VA-R)    
    Functions:Vehicle assembly resonator (VA-R) is the power receiving device, it is a coil which is made of litz wire, ferrite and aluminum plate for electromagnetic field shielding, to protect human safety.

    Device Name:Vehicle assembly Electric (VA-E)    
    Functions:Vehicle assembly Electric (VA-E) is the vehicle-end receiver, which resonates with the GA-R to receive power. Rectifier and TMN control keep the efficiency high, and it provides output overvoltage, overcurrent and other protective charging safety.